Our home is Bulgaria

Our Home is Bulgaria

Arch. Plamen Plamenov Miryanov initiated a national campaign ‘Our Home is Bulgaria’ to raise the national self-esteem and spirit of Bulgarians, to promote the beauty of the country and to preserve the national traditions, folklore and culture of Bulgaria.

‘My dream is to show the beauty of my native country. I am who I am because I was born in this country. Character is built on everything that surrounds us. No matter how many problems there are in Bulgaria, if we succeed in these conditions, then the Bulgarian is a very strong man. Obviously, this country gives birth to geniuses, incredible minds, gifted people who we must cherish. They were not born in countries of high standard, but right here. All we have do is preserve everything we are gifted with and to develop it.’

Joy, solidarity, responsibility. We can write this in three letters: home. Our world in the big world, our place where we feel good and comfortable … especially after we take care of it. And out big home, reminds young architect Plamen Plamenov Miryanov of ARTEKS ENGINEERING, is Bulgaria.


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